United Wants to Charge You for ER Visits It Disagrees With

Tracy Lempner, spokesperson, United Healthcare.

Mark Rosenberg, DO, president, American College of Emergency Physicians.

Ryan Stanton, MD, member, American College of Emergency Physician board, emergency doctor, Lexington, KY.

Ateev Mehrotra, MD, associate professor of health care policy and medicine, Harvard Medical School.

Anthem: “Helping employees get the right care when they need care right away.”

JAMA Internal Medicine: “Trends in Visits to Acute Care Venues for Treatment of Low-Acuity Conditions in the United States From 2008 to 2015.”

Health Affairs: “Worse Cardiac Arrest Outcomes During The COVID-19 Pandemic In Boston Can Be Attributed To Patient Reluctance To Seek Care.”

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