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New Delhi, 1st, June 2021: Trivitron Healthcare announced the launch of 2 new innovation driven products for HbA1c and Hb variant detection. The new product includes NANO H5 & NANO H110 which are high performance liquid chromatography analyzers for HbA1c detection in less than 3 minutes. These HPLC based HbA1c analyzers will be used for monitoring diabetes, thalassemia & hemoglobin variants.

NANO H5, is a compact, automated HPLC analyzer that uses ion exchange liquid chromatography for quantitative determination of the glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) in human whole blood with processing time of 130 seconds that will expedite the laboratory TAT.

NANO H110, is a compact, automated HPLC analyzer has a dual test mode for HbA1c test and Hb Variant* detection. It has some advance facilities such as Barcode scanner and cap piercing with a high sample loading capacity of 110 samples at a time which make it suitable for laboratories with medium to large workloads.

Rajesh Patel, Chief Executive Officer (IVD Business), Trivitron Healthcare on this occasion said that, “keeping in mind the increasing concern for management of diabetes and the growing demand for accurate measurement of HbA1c level, today we are delighted to announce the launch of HPLC based HbA1c analyzers – NANO H5 & NANO H110, that are compact and designed for precision.”

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