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STAXI Honours Volunteers In March

TORONTO and LONDON – 3 March 2010 – March is “Red Cross Month” in Canada and various parts of the world to raise awareness for the Red Cross and its affiliate organisation.  Moreover, this recognition day calls attention for the overall need for increased volunteerism and support for all volunteers; especially, during times of crisis when medical and patient care resources are stretched.  Hence, Toronto-based STAXI – the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of nestable transportation chairs – today hailed the role of volunteers and revealed that the STAXI nestable transportation chair often helps hospital volunteers more easily move and transfer patients. 

David Gallant, who heads STAXI’s Global Marketing Operations, said: “Red Cross Month underscores the importance of volunteers who play a vital and relevant role in patient and injured persons care today. 

STAXI Chairs

STAXI Chairs

“Having a reliable mobility solution available to assist volunteers in transporting injured people or patients is vital to ensuring they are safely delivered to care and treatment facilities – especially when covering significant distances.  STAXI transportation chairs give volunteers the ability to move patients effortlessly without the strain and physical exertion required when using typical wheelchairs.”

Not many healthcare facilities internationally are familiar with the concept of what is commonly called “stackable wheelchairs.”  However, STAXI is quite different from other mobility solutions.  Volunteers play an important role in caring for people with a disability, medical condition, temporary illness, or injury and they can benefit by using strain-free equipment like the STAXI transportation chair.

According to David Gallant, STAXI’s advantages include being:

• Easy to find – STAXI  has a space saving design – requiring 1/3 space of normal wheelchairs; and, can be set up as a coin-operated service in open public areas
• Simple to use – STAXI  is ergonomic and highly manoeuvrable – easier to push than regular wheelchairs, passenger transfer made easy; comfortable for passengers and attendants; and, has an automatic braking system
• Built to last – with 500-pound and 1000-pound weight capacities (STAXI and STAXI-Max respectively), STAXI has a low-maintenance requirement; this means a high return on investment; and, the comfortable, rugged design provides longer life than normal wheelchairs
• Hard to Steal – STAXI  is theft resistant, no removable parts; and, has ample inbuilt storage – 2.5 cubic foot (70 litres) of under-seat space for a patients records and personal belongings
• Pays for itself – STAXIs last significantly longer than standard wheelchairs and are virtually maintenance free; meaning cost savings over the life of the chair.  STAXI makes good business sense in an era when managers need to make a sound financial case for every dollar, euro, or pound they spend. 

“Red Cross Month reminds us of the importance of volunteers and providing them dependable, easy-to-use equipment, such as the STAXI transportation chair.  What is more, when institutions and organisations buy a STAXI, they purchase a trouble-free transportation solution that pays for itself overtime,” said David Gallant.

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STAXI is a patented, revolutionary transport chair, developed in 1985 by Andrew J Hart in conjunction with Centre for Studies in Aging, Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Sciences (Toronto), initially as a patient transportation solution.  STAXI is the leading wheelchair alternative and the best-selling, nestable transport chair in North America. 

The STAXI is established globally – in use for more than 15 years.  Moreover, the STAXI nestable transportation chairs are used successfully and widely in the USA’s most prestigious hospitals and healthcare systems.  It is the accepted leader in the field of innovative patient mobility assistance. 

STAXI provides safe and comfortable temporary transportation for people who would have difficulty walking any considerable distances due to disability, illness or injury. STAXI is ergonomically designed to reduce physical strain and burden for the user.  The award-winning STAXI transport chair is built specifically for large, busy facilities such as airports, hospitals and sporting/entertainment venues. STAXI customers include top hospitals and major airlines and airports in the USA, UK and Europe. 

STAXI can instantly replace 90 per cent of wheelchairs today. Moreover, STAXI has the best low-maintenance record for any mobility solution, backed with a three-year unlimited parts warranty.  STAXI is difficult to steal by virtue of its nestable design. Hence, STAXI pays for itself over the long life of the transport chair.

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Marketing Contact: David Gallant on +44 (0) 1915 006 129, or [email protected]

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