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Servotech Power Systems to manufacture oxygen concentrators, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Delhi: Servotech Power Systems Ltd manufacturers of LED Lights, Solar panels and UVC disinfection products on Wednesday announced the manufacturing of Oxygen Concentrators at their facility near Kundli border in New Delhi.

That company said that they plan to roll out 1,00,000 concentrators by March 2022, in two variations – 5 LPM & 10 LPM and would cost Rs 35,000 onwards.

Oxygen machine maintains a flow of 1-10 LPM instrumental in providing 24-hour continuous supply of oxygen. With an inbuilt pure copper oil-free compressor, the device ensures a seamless flow of oxygen. The oxygen concentrator is also powered by an Aluminium-Magnesium alloy cooling fan, promising an elongated life and enhanced performance. The equipment is extremely easy to use and comes with an HD LCD touchscreen, paired with an on-the-go power saving mode, which allows you to use the oxygen supply while sleeping.

Both machines are paired with a pressure alarm, a power off alarm, and an abnormal voltage alarm. This medical grade oxygen generator weighs around 19-33 kgs, with an input AC of 220V and 50Hz, and takes up less than 400VA of power, running continually for 2000hrs straight, it added.

Servotech MD, Raman Bhatia feels, “Everybody witnessed the hurried rush for oxygen concentrators when the second wave hit India. Centre and states made immense efforts to augment the supply of oxygen, with private sector companies also pitching in. And as predicted by experts, the third wave of Covid-19 is expected too, which can be handled with better preparedness. While we were already contributing by manufacturing oxygen concentrators at an affordable price, we realised that the parts of the concentrators weren’t made in India. However, while we were making our fair contribution, we were also working on making the concentrators entirely made in India.”

Servotech will be providing the concentrators to hospitals, foundations, medical institutions, corporate institutions and other relevant stakeholders in the need of the product, the company said in a statement.

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