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Roche UK launches renewable energy initiative with E.ON

Roche UK has launched a new renewable energy initiative with E.ON – the energy supplier – to enable the Swiss pharma company’s supply chain partners to purchase 100% renewable energy.

In a statement, Roche said the initiative is the first of its kind to be offered by a life sciences company in the UK.

Starting from October, the initiative will allow Roche’s supply cain partners to access up to 100% renewable energy guarantees of origin (REGO) wind backed electricity at a competitive rate.

Currently, Roche uses 100% renewable wind-back electricity to power its businesses in the UK, and has a ten-year ambition to reduce its overall environmental footprint by 50%.

“We know that renewable energy is very important and take our commitment to reducing our overall environmental footprint seriously. The pilot is an exciting initiative that will help our suppliers access renewable energy at an affordable price whilst helping us to better understand the way they behave towards achieving sustainability,” said Scott Davis, general counsel and company secretary, Roche UK and project sponsor.

“Armed with this data and knowledge, we hope to enhance the way we partner with them on future initiatives, with the mutual benefit of reducing our combined environmental impact.  It is our duty to ensure we take measures wherever possible to make a positive change and we are committed to supporting our suppliers to do the same,” he added.

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