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Editor’s note: Sara Davison is founder of Kinly, a Triangle-based parenting platform designed to support parents to be & parents of littles through access to expert support, education and community care.

Dr. Tiffany Petty is a pediatrician and founder of HopeWell Pediatrics, which is based on a new model of primary pediatric care in our area. Instead of dealing with the restrictions and hassles of an insurance company, Dr. Petty deals directly with her patients by providing concierge-style care.

Petty, wife to Dr. Benjamin Petty, a non-surgical orthopedic specialist and mom to Shiloh and Micah, is originally from Memphis. The family now lives in Holly Springs. After serving as chief resident during her pediatric residency at University of South Alabama, Dr. Petty worked at Northeast Mississippi Health Center where she was the first pediatrician in the community in more than 10 years. There, she helped establish a new pediatric practice to help underserved children.

It was her time spent in the community, organizing outreach events, educating parents on children’s health and safety and caring for children in a busy private practice that led her to start Hopewell Pediatrics. She was determined to give her patients the quality medical care and time they deserve. We checked in with Dr. Petty to learn more about her practice. Here’s a Q&A.

Sara Davison: Tell us about HopeWell Pediatrics and how you are introducing a new model of care for children and families in our area.

Dr. Petty: HopeWell Pediatrics is a new pediatric practice specializing in concierge style care for babies and children in the Raleigh area. What sets us apart from other traditional pediatric practices is we place the focus back on patients and families.

By removing interactions with third party payers, we eliminate impersonal mismanagement and put the decision making back to parents and physician. We limit our membership to families who place value on the patient and physician relationships.

Therefore, our limited patient panel size allows us to spend more time with our patients and families with unhurried appointment visits. Our appointments range from 30 to 90 minutes with an average of 60-minute appointments. The extended appointment visits allows us to go in more depth into medical history social issues planning care in management a complex medical conditions.

HopeWell Pediatrics offer quality and accessible care for our patients. Patients have access to the pediatrician 24 hours and seven days via text message phone call email or a telemedicine visit. We offer same day or next day appointments for your child.

Our membership benefits include unlimited visits, unlimited in office point of care tests and labs, discounted out of office labs. We offer convenient home visits and give you the same quality care in the comfort of your own home.

SD: What exactly is direct primary care model and how is it different from the traditional healthcare model?

Dr. Petty: Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is an innovative healthcare model that is quickly gaining popularity. The DPC healthcare model is structured to emphasize and prioritize the patient and physician relationship which allows for better health outcomes and patient care experience. It focuses on patients by getting rid of the impersonal mismanagement from third party payers such as insurance companies which allows for better healthcare decision making for patients.

DPC works like a membership to a gym or Netflix. Families pay a monthly membership fee which covers unlimited patient visits, unlimited in-office point of care tests/labs (such as flu, COVID, strep, urinalysis, etc.), comprehensive care management, and care coordination. By eliminating the fee for service model, physicians are able to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and spend more time with patients where it matters most. Patients typically benefit from the DPC model by gaining increased accessibility with their physician usually by phone, text, email, and telemedicine, extended length visits, and reduced and transparent cost for medical care.

Sara Davison: Who does this model suit, and what are the main benefits?

Dr Petty: The DPC healthcare model is suitable for all patients who value a close and trusted relationship with their physician. It is particularly best suited for families who want consistent and high quality care by the same physician and not by multiple mid-level providers. Families who want increased access to their physician to address questions and concerns via phone, text, email, or telemedicine will benefit from this model. This model is also best suited for busy families that appreciate timeliness and convenient medical care.

Sara Davison: What is a key takeaway you would like to leave readers with?

Dr Petty: HopeWell Pediatrics is the first pediatric DPC concierge style clinic in the Triangle area. I am excited to finally be able to offer the type of medical care that really makes a difference in my patients’ and families’ lives. I want parents to know that you do not have to feel stuck with rushed visits and the feeling that you are not heard. Now there is an option available that offers you modern medicine with old fashion service!

You can find out more information about Dr Petty and HopeWell Pediatrics on the site: https://hopewellpediatrics.com

For more information on Kinly, visit https://www.kinly.co or follow the Kinly Instagram or Facebook.

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