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— If there’s anything my kids and I want to do right now, it’s travel. Something bigger than the quick road trips we’ve taken in the last year or more. So all of us jumped at the opportunity to catch “Into America’s Wild 3D” last weekend. For 45 minutes, we sat in the coolness of Marbles Kids Museum’s IMAX theater and were virtually transported to beautiful places across the country.

“Into America’s Wild,” narrated by Morgan Freeman, takes you on a journey across the country – from Alaska and Oregon to Southwest canyons, the Appalachian Trail and even the International Space Station.

Along the way, we meet characters who are driven to help the rest of us, particularly kids, enjoy America’s “wild.” They include two Native Americans, astronaut John Herrington and Alaskan bush pilot and youth advocate Ariel Tweto. Long-distance hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis also makes an appearance.

And we’re treated to some glorious scenery in places like Everglades National Park in Florida, Pando Aspen Grove in Utah and the urban wild found in Millennium Park in Chicago.

Unlike some IMAX 3D movies where it feels like you might fall off the cliff or down some gorge with the camera, there are no heart-stopping moments.

And the movie suffers a bit from plot. The storyline seems to be Native Americans’ appreciation of natural spaces and their efforts to help the rest of us appreciate it.

During the movie, Herrington tells the story that as he looked down at Earth from the International Space Station, he saw the dark spaces that weren’t lit by city lights and noted that was where nature was. In that moment, he vowed to work on ways to ensure that kids got to enjoy those dark, natural spaces too.

That storyline, however, gets a bit lost among the soaring scenes of Fisher Towers in Utah and (kind of randomly) ziplining across Royal Gorge in Colorado.

But after the year we’ve had, I’m happy for any chance to escape. And “Into America’s Wild” offers plenty of opportunities for that.

The movie is scheduled most days at the IMAX theater. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for kids ages 1 to 11. All 3D movies require the purchase of $1 single-use 3D glasses. Check Marbles’ website for details.

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