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How frequently should paediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills be taught?

Clinical bottom line

  • Annual training is not sufficient to ensure providers can deliver guideline compliant CPR (Grade B).

  • More frequent training improves CPR skill performance (Grade B).

  • Participation decreases with more frequent training (Grade C).


As a newly appointed Education and Simulation Fellow in a tertiary paediatric hospital, I am interested in using simulation to provide paediatric resuscitation training to staff. I wondered how frequently staff should undergo resuscitation training to ensure optimum retention of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills.

Structured clinical question

Should responders to paediatric arrests (population) receive resuscitation training (intervention) more frequently than national guidelines recommend (comparator) to ensure optimum retention of CPR skills (outcome)?

Search strategy and outcome

We searched PubMed using the terms: ‘(frequency OR frequent OR interval OR timing) AND (training OR train OR education OR programme) AND (resuscitation OR CPR OR cardiopulmonary resuscitation OR basic life support training OR chest compression) AND (skills retention OR retain)’. Searches were conducted in September 2020.

PubMed yielded 159 results. Studies involving laypeople were excluded. We did not exclude studies that assessed CPR skills on adult manikins given the need for paediatric providers to respond to adolescent emergencies. Thirty-one papers were identified for abstract review and eleven papers …

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