Depression Blood Test; Inhaled Toad Venom?

Young people — specifically those ages 18 to 24 — were mentally hit the hardest during the pandemic. (Forbes)

Cruel irony: Exercise can improve mental health, yet anxiety is often a barrier to people exercising. (PLOS One)

There won’t be any criminal charges in the case of an Idaho man with bipolar disorder who starved to death in a jail cell while in the grips of a manic episode. (AP)

Can a simple blood test determine how severe someone’s depression is? (ScienceDaily)

Could inhaled toad venom be a new frontier in treatment-resistant depression? (Endpoints News)

The World Federation of ADHD released a new consensus statement, listing 208 evidence-based conclusions about ADHD. (Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews)

Only an estimated 20% of Americans suffering from an eating disorder receive necessary treatment. (Forbes)

In an assessment of low-income Black women with uncontrolled hypertension, 57% experienced symptoms of depression. (JAMA Psychiatry)

  • Kristen Monaco is a staff writer, focusing on endocrinology, psychiatry, and dermatology news. Based out of the New York City office, she’s worked at the company for nearly five years.

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