APA Condemns Anti-Asian Hate; Restaurateur’s Suicide Tied to Long COVID

Following the recent shootings in Georgia, the American Psychiatric Association condemned the “significant increase in racism and xenophobia against Asian Americans.

Babies born prematurely had higher rates of prescription psychotropic drug use in adolescence and adulthood versus those born full term. (JAMA Network Open)

Texas Roadhouse founder and CEO Kent Taylor, 65, died by suicide, after struggling with “unbearable” post-COVID-19 symptoms including tinnitus. (The Washington Post)

Children who experienced abuse were more likely to develop conduct problems like stealing and bullying in adolescence. (BMC Psychiatry)

Researchers pinpoint sex-dependent differences in genes underlying schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorders. (Biological Psychiatry)

A Swedish study found that people with ADHD make on average 17% less money per year and have 19 times higher odds of receiving disability pensions. (PLOS One)

Former Yale-affiliated psychiatrist Bandy Lee, MD, is now suing the university for wrongful termination. She was fired last May after making public statements that then-President Donald Trump was a danger to the country. (Yale Daily News)

A stepped collaborative care method, which helped injured patients with post-traumatic stress disorder transition from hospital inpatient to outpatient and community settings, improved symptoms after 6 months. (JAMA Surgery)

  • Kristen Monaco is a staff writer, focusing on endocrinology, psychiatry, and dermatology news. Based out of the New York City office, she’s worked at the company for nearly five years.

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