78% of general beds vacant in Bengaluru, ICUs in high demand, Health News, ET HealthWorld

BENGALURU: With a gradual decline in Covid-19 cases in Bengaluru, the hospital bed situation is improving as the demand for hospitalisation of infected patients has fallen, reports Sunitha Rao.

As per data available on government beds on the BBMP website, the situation is far better among Covid general beds than other categories of beds. Of the total 7,195 general beds, 5,624 (or 78.1%) were available by 3pm on Sunday.

In high-dependency units with oxygenated beds, 2,098 (or 42.4%) of 4,945 beds were available. But the situation is not the same with ICU beds and ICU beds with ventilators. As per the website, only 20 (3.3%) of 589 ICU beds and just 10 (or 1.5%) of 637 ICU beds with ventilators are available.

While six ICU beds with ventilator were available in Rainbow Children’s Hospital and one each was vacant in government hospital, Anekal; KC General Hospital, Oxford Medical College Hospital and Research Centre and Dr BR Ambedkar Medical College Hospital.

The government beds are those in government hospitals and those in private hospitals which are reserved for patients to be referred and whose treatment is funded by public authorities.

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