18+ forced to get jabs at pvt hospitals at higher rates, says AAP, Health News, ET HealthWorld

New Delhi: The Covid vaccine crunch at government centres is forcing people in the age group of 18-44 years to get jabbed at private hospitals at expensive rates while those awaiting the second Covaxin dose are an anxious lot. While Delhi government has halted vaccination for the 18-44 age group, all centres offering Covaxin have been closed as no dose is left even for those above 45 years and frontline workers. AAP MLA Atishi said on Tuesday that if the second dose of Covaxin was not administered on time, the first dose would also become ineffective. Calling the shortage of vaccines a matter of grave concern, Atishi urged the Centre to approve and import vaccines available in the international market and allow an increase in the manufacturing capacity of Indian vaccines.

Delhi government has requested the Centre to approve vaccines manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. Tuesday was the second day since Delhi halted vaccination for the young people. “From today, Covaxin for 45+ is also absolutely finished. This is extremely saddening and worrisome for the people of Delhi, especially the youth,” Atishi said. On Monday, only 54,364 vaccines were administered, including nearly 40,000 first doses. Before the shortage hit the capital, more than 1 lakh vaccines were being administered daily. “The number has substantially decreased because of the halt in immunisation of youth in government schools,” said Atishi. TNN

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